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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  September 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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&p(rydell) "i was out here trying to clear the street for an hour on a megaphonee" brian recher...recalls the chaotic scene ootside his croods of young people quiikly escalaaed. during theemelee...eight people were arrested...and a man was shht and wounded... after leaainggthe townsontown parking garage. (recher) ""o be honeet, i've never eally seen ssuch disrespect for law." reeher...ssys he reeted the pheater to a fraternity...for a saturday fundraiser. aagroup he says...was not the problem. whhn all of he 633 tickets were sold...recher...says no blames social media...for on alonn york road...and side
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streets. (recher) "we've never had a problem in the past and you know, it's an unfortunate event."but baltimoreecounty executivv kkvin kamenetz...says the recher theater's owner... shares part of the blame...for renting outhis a third party...and llowingthat (kamenetz) "and i've got a vent. real problem with someone who does that becauue they have aliquor license and they havv a responsiblity to maintain not onll order wwthhi their premisisbut thoss who are outside of their premisss." (rydell) " owson, johh rydell, fox 45 news at five." 3 a man shot monday in east baltimore has died from his inj. injuries..olice say anthhnn keyser was shot in his baakyard on north linwood avenue near patterson park aroond 4 pm yesterday.
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witnesses ay he'ddbeen siiting on his back steps when stood up to open the gate, ann suspect or motivv. p man shot and kiiled by a baltimore county police offiicr has been identified as a 22-year-old from tteas who was serving in the navy.joshua lopez was shot early sunday morning aftee pooice resppoded to calls for a suspicious questioning lopez, when he lunged for an offfcer'' gun.... and another ccp opened fireethat officer has been during the investigatiin.he's identified only as officer heins.... an 11 year veteran of the force. paltimore city's new police commissioner gets an early start on the job. &pjob.the olice department tweeted this photo of anthooy phursday. the department acting police commissioner anttony barksdale is taking medical leave indefinittey. batts was the mayor's pick for police commissioner, and even though he's signed the contract, he still has to be
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confirmmd by city council. that hearing is set or next &pmonth. 55... break- ins... in... one night....///ttieves... were working... overtime... in... carroll coonty... this we. peekend.paul gessler just got back from the neighborhood to tell us whattthey took.pauu-- one of the ictims came uppto choice words for the suspects. ....nd he didn'ttwant to go on pamera.but, his neighbors did. shelley ordway: "i'm ot really mad. i'm just more astonissed at he nerve of come right up o people's houses and theii driveways and steal sttff."sheeley ordway this weekend...cara ayres, s - pretty scary."of a string of car reaa-ins.about 55, actualll.mmjor phil kasten: "ovvr the course of a couule hours."sattrdayynight into sunday morning... his cara ayres, hhmpstead: "it's just been sort of a quiet hear about ocking your doors really expect people to do that kind of stuff round herr."paul gessler, reportee: "what has police and neighbors scraaching their heads isn't what was taken from the cars, but wwat was discarded.
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were found n the other side of the neighborhood..another &pguu's cell phone was found shelley ordway: "they just threw everything all over the car, they took a couple dollars in change."major phil kasteen "the thheves didn't stop there. they wenttand vehicles, slaahing ar tires, cutting a convertible jeep top, and pushhng sevvral spot in the driveway."shelley ordwaa: 20.24 "seriously, get a job. make your oww around stealiig things. people worr hard for what they haae." carroll county depuuies believe the damage is in the don't have any leads.caaa ayres, hampsteaa: "if i were &pthhm, i wouldn't comm back around here."neighbors, &pthough,,are now payingg attention.caaa: "thhy're gonna be on high alerttlooking for people." out of the 55 caas brokee into, major kasten tells me about 50 or so were unlocked. recently carroll county cars have been targets.just last month, police say carsswwre targeted in the judges fanny and greenbrier neighborhoods. paul gessler, fox45 news at five. convicttd... hii convictiin.e huguely... convictton.his... lawers.....filed the appeal... this morning...///
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&pwas convicted... in february &p... of... second degree muuder.../ and... grand larceny.../ in... of... his... .. ex-girlfriend.../. u-v-a... lacrosse pllyer... yeaaddey love..... love... was found dead... n her apartment .... just weeks... prior to graduaaion... may &p2010....//lass... month,... &pthe... judge.... &p senteeced huguely... to... 23- yearr... in prison... for the crimes. baltimore's batman strikes again... this ddsrupting sunday night's ravens game. game. --- nats of streaking--- streaking--- mark harvey ran onto tteefield wearing nottinggbut batman underwear, a supeehero cape and an anti- bullying message written on his chest.he's the same guy who was arrested for streaking on orioles opening day in april.harvey escaped charges the first time around.... but his uck has run out.this time, though, the severr mannfaces multiple counts of ttespassing, disorderly conduct and that summer "derecho" ...and otherpop-up storms...have baltimore countyofficials
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warning take extra preccutions. precautions.county leaders are urging citizensnot to wait for the next torm to stock up on flasslights... batteries...bottted water...and extra food. (hubbard) "the thing that worries me the mosttare these no notice events, the things that are unplanned that happen five minutes ffom now on 695, these storms that comm through and have a much greater mpact than was preeicted." baltimore county is also promotingits witter keep people inffrmedon emergencies of aal kinds. has sold ...his... - fells point... town home... home...for... a... executtve... bought the home ... for... nearly... half a million... less.... than the... olympic ápaidá....for te property.../ &p inn2007. how are the roads looking tooig? tonight?bbandi proctor has our traffic edge report. report. mapbelairwilkensmap335map
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remember... the inn.. monddy night's... raven's game? let's... say tonite.../, evvn... áheá... has more credibility...
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than the replacemmnt ... refs... refs... this, afterrlast seattle against the greennbay packerss he ppckers wonn but not átheseá refs. jeef abell joins us... with more on how theee bad calls are determining wins and loses... jeff. there is anger in wisconsin tonight over ccitical call that cost the packers the game.... now, packerssfans are demanding the reffs be re-caaled themselves. here's what happened... ith eight seeonds remaining in the &pgame and ggeen bay leading by piiee.. the seahawks have one lobs the ball into the appears the packers,, - djennings intercepts the ball ann ends hand in there aaddwrestles jennings for the bbll as they calls it an interception while another calls it a touchdown. touchdown....aad the seahawks paccees were in no mood to e
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(:10) (mike mccarthyy "don't ass me any quessions about theeofficiaas we'll cut &pto teh chase right there..."é there..."é (:10)) (aaron roogers) "its awful! just ook at the replay and theefaat it was reviewee, its awful. that's all i'm saying about ii." reaction went far beyond tte, republicaa pice- presidential candiddte obama to the refs who called 16-25"it is tiie to get the real refs..and you know what? it reminds me of president can't ggt ittright itts time to get ut.." unionnref's have been ocked out since june....when their pontract expired. jeff abeel, fox 44 news at five. here'ss.. our quession of the day.are ...the... fl
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replacement refs... season? . pro football go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you phink.../. sound... off... ttru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimoree../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for yes.. / fox45b for no. annaane arundel countyywoman arrested on heft ccarres. tonight onnfox 45 news at 5:30... the big surprise police found inside her hotel room. a schhol prinnipal uuder scrutiny after hisspunishment of two female students..hat the punishment was and what the school boarddis doing 3&president ooama and mitt rommey are crossing paths in the run up to tteir fiist debate... coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3
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anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. a texas schooo board is
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&pforced to change their spanking pooicy fter two female students were bruised for days at the hanns of their male principal. principal. springtown high school's school board voted unamimously to require a female adult toobe present &panytime a male administrator is spanking a female sttdent. the trouule started when a male asssstant principal pisciplined two female studentt wiihha paddle. 3 "as soon as he gaae it to me i saa down and was telling him how much pain i wws in." "if i put a mark on hhr and send her to school cps is gonna knock school official should be aale to bruise my child" some parents are still
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not satisfied. they say a male administrator should never be allowed to paddle a femall adult is presentt romney are increasingll --3 crossing paths in rrcent days stage - thoughhat different tim. times. and as craii oswwll reporrs ...with ffrtt-two campaigns are pulling out all the stops in aa effort to get a leg up in the polls. polls. president obama delivers two high profile speeches - first &p at tth clinton global eral iniatiie where the foccu shifted from foreign ollcy in rrlation to the middle eass traficking. obama says: "our message to them today to those around thee world is wee ear you. ww see you.weeinsist on heir dignity." his apearance came just hours afferrrepublican rival miit rrmney spoke from the same stage. romney says:
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believe america's strategy should be to secure our the campaign criticisms were muted ttere wassa lightee mention of the race.rrmney says: "if there's one thing we've learned ii this election season,,by the way, it's that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good," polls show since the convention president obama noww slightly leads in three coveted battleground states - virginia..floridd and ohio. kkff says: "we have t at 5 points and the washington post has a new poll and has it at 8 points." the repubbican ticket hit the in the buckeye state where the ggoves came off.ryan saas: "if he can't hange washington , then we need to change presidentss" in virgiiia vice pressdent joe biien hit the gop nominee oo paxes.biden says: "thee guy had a swiss bank acccunt, hh refuses to releass 10 years of taxxreeurnsswhich he boswell says: "both e?" presiient obama aad mitt pomney campaign in ohio tooorrow the stops comm exactly one weekkbefore ttey will be on the amm stage for their ffrst debate. in washington craig boswell foo news."
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earlier we told you about the qqessiooable calls being made by the replacement refs in the &pnational football llaguu. leagge.and we are asking if you think those rrfs are ruining the pro football season. facebook page..."yes imagine the super bowl with these guys." guys."aad dottie mess. this needs to be settled " pow."a big response on this puestion and almost everyone agrees the replacement refsare bd for the game. go to ox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you thhnk. you can also sound off throogh facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimmre. aad you can text your answer to 5203. enter fox45a or yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 amazing video offa truck crash.what happened to he driver... coming up. 3
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he may be the luckkest truck driier in russii. russia.this dash ccm viddo of viral...take a look it shows a russian truck driver colliding with a massive-tractor trailer, crashing headfirst through thh windshield of hhs cab and then miraculously head and walks away unharmed. --- react to story --- another beautiful dayy.. cool temperatures but sunny kies - some rain innthe forecast... here's chief meteorologist vytas
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stink bug. the the - change that could make the invasion a little less annoying this year. 3 new york offfciaas coming under fire ffr their plan to ddal with unddrage prrgnancy... what they're makinn available schools. -3 morning-after pills... are now
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available to high school girls at 13 public schools in nnw york city. city.the department of educaaion says girls as young as 14... will be able to get contraception... wittout parrntal consenn.parentt who don't agree with the program....can opt out of itt new york city mayor michael &pbllomberg says the move is intended to prevent teenage pregnancies uu not everyone is on-board... 35-53"there's still an awful lot of girll who get pregnant
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pt a very early age when history shows it's very difficult to raise aachild, it needs when tte parent is just very young, and hasn't had the experience oo adulthood" adulthood..."1:30-1:39"this is not a fuuction for the city to get involved with, that the from parents the ability to regulate the behavior of their " schools already distribute free condoms to students. 3 the city is kickiig off a campaign to live healthier...and the mayor is on the front lines. --counting, 1, 2, 3--- 3--- &pmayor rawlings-blake worked u a sweatttoday with students at westport academy in southwest baltimore.leading the group...was itness expert monte sanders... the trainer for ravens ed reed and ray's art of ealthy city days... a week-long intiative aimed at getting people to eat right and exercise oftee. 3 srb: "i enjoyyhealthy city day
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because it llows us to stop and to think for ourslves, think abolut ourselves, how we can be healthier" healthier" 3 &phealtty city days beeins october 11t with free screeeingss flu shotss work outs and healthhfairs across baltimore. facebook .. - bug../ exposing... some users'... private public.this... afterrusers ...reported messages... showing up ...on their timeliness..///. &pfacebook... says ...there's... no thhir question... & were actually... old wall posts... from before ...the...facebook "timeliie" interface... was usee. "toys r' us"... iss.. geeting ready... to hire... thousands of ssassnal w. workers.and... this year... they're addingg.. 5- thouuand... more jobs... than last year.../.the... toy retailer... plans... to add... 45-thousand... temporary employees nationwide...//.it... says... the exxra helpp.. will be around... phru... he new year.../ and... could possibly... lead to...
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coming uu new at 5-thirty.... four children found abandoned in a glen burrie hotel room. room. the shocking thing police say the motherrwas doing instead of 3atccing her children. and.. answers being sought in the death of aaman who was in baltimore city police custody..3 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3
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3&p new at 5:30...a protest against baltimore ciiy police policeit's community's outrage over the death oo a man who died hile in police custody custodykeith daniels... llvv in east baltimore where dozens rally tonight agaiist wwat they call another case of police brutality 3


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